p class=”bodytext”>The Bilateral Fokus has become a tradition in Slovenia. We started to focus on Slovenian – Dutch relations back in 2001 to highlight and deepen the various links between our two countries. Each year our two countries have become better partners.

Over the years the Fokus has developed into a vehicle, which brings an ever increasing number of Slovene and Dutch people together, exchanging knowledge, experience and cultural expressions.

The overall theme of this year’s Bilateral Fokus is innovation. And the brochure, which you now hold in your hand, is in itself an example of innovation.

I hope that you will find in the numerous events, which cover a wide range of sectors, at least a few which you would like to attend and participate in.

More detailed information you can find further on this website.

Looking forward to meeting you during the Bilateral Fokus 2009,

Jos Douma